International Humanitarian City

The Dubai International Humanitarian City(IHC) is the largest humanitarian hub in the world. IHC is the only non-profit, independent, humanitarian free-zone Authority hosting a community of around 80 members comprised of UN organisations, non-profits and non-governmental organisations,in addition to commercial companies. The International Humanitarian community in Dubai consists of about 500 people representing more than 68 nationalities. With the current strategic location near Al Maktoum Airport and close to Jebel Ali Port, tripling its size from the previous 30,000 square meters to 90,000 square meters, giving members the ability to move shipments from sea to air in as little as 10 minutes. Today, the International Humanitarian City offices and warehouses have further expanded to 135,000 square meters in size.The International humanitarian city together with its community is continuing its journey by preparing itself for any new challenges, creating new synergies and partnerships with innovators, in addition to partnering with private sector players operating with high-level standards. IHC is also partnering with academic institutions, to prepare the future generation of humanitarian workers.


The International Humanitarian City is an independent free zone Authority where humanitarian organisations and commercial companies can register and get licensed.

IHC provides an adequate environment to foster partnerships and social responsibility in a clear legal framework.

Manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services to humanitarian agencies can also register and be part of IHC community.




Due to Dubai’s strategic geographic position on the path between Middle East, Asia and Africa, and IHC being located only 10 minutes away from the Jebel Ali seaport and Al Maktoum airport, it enables the humanitarian community to reach, within 4-8 hours, two-thirds of the world population living in hazard-prone areas.

The IHC Humanitarian community has been able to dispatch and serve populations affected by disasters in the Pacific Islands as well as into the Caribbean, hence proving its international role.





  • Designated Free Zone
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • A community of humanitarian experts
  • Commercial companies are free to move from one freezone to another
  • Government Support and Services
  • Assistance with customs formalities, visas issuance, and other government services
  • Mobility of Resources
  • Private Sector and CSR Advisory
  • Cost-effective Procurement Options
  • Administrative Support
  • Minimal Red Tape Two-Year Licensing Option*
  • Focus on development and emergency response
  • Fundraising Facilitation
  • Warehouse/ Facility Management
  • One-Stop-Shop for Registration & Licensing
  • A variety of licensing options    

* Two-Year Licensing Option:

  • Seamless operation to ease the business of the members by giving a longer licensing period.
  • Reduce the frequency, documentation, and preparation for license renewal from the member side
  • Lower cost of renewal as the Legalization of overseas documents needs to take place once in two years

Licensing Types



Price * AED


Standard Office


Business Center Desk



Standard Office


Business Center Desk


* Prices are annual

Warehouses Per Square Meter

Price AED






Standard office Package

With IHC Standard Office Packages, you get privilege services which include:

  • Utility charges included
  • Establishment Card Visa (2)
  • 24-hour security and access
  • 20 sq/mtr office space
  • Free conferencing and meeting facilities
  • Free Transportation (From nearest metro station to IHC)
  • Free Wi Fi
  • Fundraising option for NPOs
  • Access card

Package includes:  Registration & License fees, Maintenance, General Services, Utilities

Note: Visa cost will be an additional charge when using IHC services

Business center Package

With IHC Business Centre Packages, you get privilege services which include:

  • Common Reception service
  • Fully connected work station
  • Conferencing and meeting facilities
  • Free Transportation (From nearest metro station to IHC)
  • Free WiFi
  • Common Pantry
  • Sharing Stationary Basket
  • Inclusive of all utility charges Establishment Card
  • Visa (2)
  • Smart Printing (controlled: First 100 pages free)
  • 24-hour security and access
  • Access card
  • Minimum Business centre Usage – 10 hours per week

Package includes: Dedicated Hot Desk, Registration & License fees, Maintenance, General Services, Utilities

Note: Visa cost will be additional which should be paid upon taking the service from IHC.


Government Services

IHC offers a range of government services to its members to facilitate their operations:


  • In Country
  • New Applicants Outside the UAE – Renewal


  • New and Renewal



IHC Facilities

IHC Facilities consists of more than 135,000 square meters which provides support to its members in their daily operations and activities.

IHC Facilities consist of

  1. Offices
  2. Warehouses
  3. Open yard
  4. Helipad
  5. Kitting Centre
  6. Cold Chain
  7. Temperature controlled warehouses
  8. Permanent humanitarian showroom
  9. Events and conference facilities
  10. Car parks
  11. 24-hour security

Other Benefits

  1. Brand Exposure:
    • Individual Member’s page includes Logo, office contact details, brief, and website on IHC’s website.
    • Posts on social media platforms on related activities.
    • Push notifications on IHC platforms.
    • Member’s story in the annual report.
    • Circular to IHC’s community about member’s news and offers.
    • Distribution of members promotional materials in IHC’s premises including offices & warehouses.
  2. Designated Free Zone
  3. Minimize the Lead time of import and export transactions.
  4. IHC is part of the Jebel Ali and DWC cluster, thus this facilitates the import and export process.
  5. Non-applicability of VAT on transfer of goods between IHC and other Designated zones.
  6. Refund of VAT payment on purchases from local market and on supply of services for humanitarian organisations holding a Tax Reference Number, where the purchased goods and services are work-related.
  7. World-class facilities that include training, meeting rooms, and auditorium free of charge.
  8. IHC members can promote their products in a permanent exhibition area in IHC’s warehouses where all official and educational visits are conducted.
  9. Members are also engaged in initiatives led by IHC.
  10. Partnerships and collaboration opportunities between IHC’s community are encouraged.
  11. Engagement in international and local official events like: media interviews, media visits, annual Suhoor, etc.
  12. Emergency Response Task Force coordination for members conducting emergency response activities.
  13. IHC provides to its members a special discount rates for their members and guests up to 25% on economy class.
  14. Hotel discounts for IHC members
  15. IHC offers a free shuttle bus service for a round trip twice daily to IHC from Ibn Battuta mall
  16. Use of IHC Facilities
  17. Engagement Platform
  18. Coordination
  19. Airlines Flight Discount
  20. Hotels Discount and Shuttle Bus Services 

   source: International humanitarian city

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