Kayseri Free Zone

Kayseri Free Zone 

Kayseri Free Zone is the right investment location for companies aiming to become global with the financial and commercial privileges it offers to its investors. Currently, 6,000 people are employed in the region


1)Since the Free Zone is considered outside the customs line, all goods can be processed exempt from Customs Tax, VAT, Quota restrictions.

2)Manufacturing companies are exempt from Income or Corporate Tax due to their earnings.

3)Earnings and revenues obtained in the region can be freely transferred to any country, including Turkey.

4)Modern infrastructure, communication and transportation are ready in the region.

5)Customs duty is not charged for goods brought to the region from abroad.

6)Trade by barter is free.

7)Since sales from other parts of Turkey to the region are considered as exports, users of the region prefer Turkey? They can buy goods at export price without VAT.

8)It is possible to sell the goods produced in the Free Zone or brought to the Free Zone.

9) The companies that will operate in the region can be 100% domestic companies, as well as foreign or Joint-venture companies at the same rate.

10)All kinds of bureaucracy and stationery in the region have been minimized and the region is operated by the private sector (KAYSER A.Ş)

11) Investor users can transfer the facilities they have established to others with the permission of the General Directorate of Free Zones.

12)The currency in the region is convertible currencies accepted by TCM Bank.

13)The term of the Operating License can be extended up to 99 years.

14)Land prices are $10.00-$/m², excluding infrastructure, and are sold at very low prices compared to their peers.

15)Electricity and natural gas prices are cheaper as VAT is applied.

16)Drinking and utility water is 80% cheaper than domestic prices.

17)Outdoor and Indoor Area rentals can be made at very low prices.

18)All kinds of machinery, tools and equipment brought from abroad to the factory in the Free Zones are not subject to age limit and are exempt from Customs and VAT tax.

19)The region is in a central position due to its closeness to Russia, Turkic Republics, Middle East countries, Mediterranean and North African markets, as well as its connection with all the countries of the world due to its important geographical location.

20)The Free Zone is also an indefinite and free fictitious warehouse. All kinds of materials brought from abroad or domestically are stored in the Free Zone in the company's own facilities free of charge.

21) Transportation from the region to all ports, international highways, railways and recreation centers can be provided easily and cheaply.


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