Compact Free Trade Zone

The main objective of compact FTZ is to accommodate enterprises and client operations within the various sectors and industries that include but not limited to manufacturing, processing and trade.
With key interests in re-packaging locally manufactured and processed goods for export to international markets as well as promoting a conducive environment for the consolidation of various export commodities locally manufactured for both regional and international markets under a unified customs supervision.

Investor Incentives

  • Differed customs duty i.e imports export.
  • Customs duty referral
  • Lower quota-based tariffs
  • Competitive import rates
  • Creation of enterprises
  • Reduced import prices
  • CFTZ provides enterprises with a market competitive edge
  • Highly skilled operations workforce
  • Secure environment

Compact FTZ has;

  • Developers Licence
  • Operations Licence
  • Enterprise Licence



  • Facilities:
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference halls
  • Exhibition rooms
  • Restaurant Shops
  • Parking



27bock of 3 warehouse constituting of 27 blocks of 500m2, 27 blocks of 300m2 and 27 blocks of 200



15m driveways, 800m railway sliding, container yard will consist of Transit area, Export area, Empty container holding area, and weigh bridge.

The Parking grounds will have the capacity to hold heavy mechanical equipment, civil works machinery as well as motor vehicles at a capacity of 750 parking bays



Two-story container office block housing KRA, KEBS, Low Sea clearing and forwarding, Compact CFS amongst other entities COMPACT FTZ SCOPE OF SERVICES

The operation of a compact FTZ facility will facilitate, support and mutually benefit various sectors of the economy directly and indirectly as shared below through trade activities that include but are not limited to:

• Imported Cargo under FTZ regime • Storage of goods for Export

• Bulk-break

• Repackaging for Re-Export

• Transit Cargo Services

• Warehousing & Retail trading

Updated On: Sunday, May 19th , 2024