Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone

Umm Al Quwain means "The Mother of Two Strengths", referring to the emirate's two powers - land and sea.

Established in 1986, with its exceptional logistics infrastructure, Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone Located on the E311 highway, the UAE’s longest road, the free zone offers superb road infrastructure as it is a great starting location for shipping to any road-connected location in the GCC. It worth mentioning that it is also just 30 minutes from Dubai and proximate to the most important landmarks of the emirate, giving investors several strategic benefits. As a Channel Partner of Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone, Soha Asia Follow-up Services is here to assist you on your journey to opening your company and growth in Emirate.

Residency and visa

Processing government documentation usually is a complex task for many businesses, particularly for foreign investors. UAQ FTZ Service made this process easier and actually accelerate this process for investors. Also, Umm Al Quwain Free Zone assists investors and employees to obtain their residence and work visas through simple and easy procedures with affordable costs. UAQ FTZ also assists in this process for the clients to sponsor their dependents – spouse, kids, parents, and maids with related documentation, medical, emirates Identity card, and visa stamping.

Note: All visas have a two-year validity period.

        Types of license in Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone

Commercial License

A business engaging in the purchase and sale of goods in the UAE or outside the UAE is granted commercial licenses. Commercial licenses authorize the import, export, storing, and distribution of items specified on the license.

General Trading License

General Trading License comes under the broader category of a commercial license. This enables the licensee to trade in a wider range of activities and gives the freedom and flexibility to trade in any commodity which is permitted within the UAE.

Service License

The UAE offers great opportunities for service providers and the services sector is one of the key drivers in the economic growth of the UAE. In UAQ Free Trade Zone, Service Licenses help service companies to incorporate companies, market and distribute their services.

Freelance Permit

A freelance license or work permit allows an individual to operate as a freelance professional, and conduct business in one’s birth name as opposed to a brand name or company. It is designed for individuals who operate in the technology, media, and film sectors and is issued to talent roles, creative roles, and selected administrative roles.

Industrial License

A company incorporated in the UAE will need a business license if it is involved in the process of manufacturing and production, where natural material is transformed into finished goods. A physical office or warehouse is mandatory for Industrial Licenses and the UAQ Free Trade Zone offers leasable land units with the lowest operating costs in this region for industries.


Types of Entity


Free Zone Establishment

Free Zone Company


1 Partner

Multiple Partner

Branch Of A Company


Extensive Economic Benefits

  • The Free Zone offers many financial advantages that include

  • 0% corporate and personal tax

  • 100% capital and profit repatriation

  • 100% company ownership

  • No currency restrictions

  • 100% import and export tax exemption within the Free Zone and outside GCC countries.

Other Advantages

  • Invaluable Investor Support

  • Quick, Easy & Remote Setup

  • Future-focused Infrastructure

  • Strategic location, Access to Global Markets

  • Great for Logistics

  • Versatile Business Ecosystem

Dual licensing: Investors can also leverage the dual licensing provision at UAQ FTZ, which allows you the flexibility to conveniently conduct multiple business operations in the Free zone

Also, by establishing your company in Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone you will have a premium address which will give your company credibility and a competitive edge.


Formation Types

Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC): A Limited Liability Company is a company in which the owner(s) will be safe from any liabilities, debt, and other financial obligations that might be resulted from the business activities of the company, therefore the owner(s) can rest assured that their financial investment in the company limits their liability to that amount. A limited liability company can have a single shareholder or multiple ones who can be a natural person (individual) or a legal person (company).



UAQ FTZ made an easy way for their customers to have access and support which is essential for every person in its free zone. Including simple and convenient banking solutions that better meet business needs. Not only there's a partner bank such as NBQ but also UAQ offers easy access to bank opening services, loans, credit facilities, and trade financing services

Leasing Service

UAQ free trade zone with its premium locations offers well-planned, impeccable designs for executive offices, co-working spaces, and also warehouses

Each service includes different facilities with flexible lease terms that make your choices much easier based on your taste and qualifications.

Land plots


Staff Accommodation

Minimum Leasable Area)

2500 sq. M)

Ambient Surroundings Independent Office Spaces

Custom Lease Terms

Co-working Spaces

Excellent Management Support

Collaboration Areas

Top-notch Infrastructure

Serviced Offices

Unparalleled Security

(Pre-built Warehouses for Storage and Light Manufacturing at UAQ FTZ)

Purpose-led Design

Superior Amenities

Customizable Options

Top-notch Infrastructure

Unparalleled Security

Proper Safety Machinery


Comfortable Housing with 36 well-spaced, furnished rooms

Great Amenities

Recreation & Dining

Rent Options

Accessibility s

Such as Walking/cycling distance from the industrial clusters


All entities formed in the Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone will be with limited liability (LLC)

The minimum capital of the company should be AED: 300,000/- (US$82,000/- approx.) with a share value of AED: 1000/- per share (US$274 approx.)


For further information, inquiries, and consultation regarding opening your company in Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone, starting the company establishment process, and/or choosing the right free zone for you, you can contact our advisors at Soha Asia Follow-up Services and Soha Global Marketing Services.