Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone

Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone is one of Turkey's largest free zone and stretches for 5 km along the Iskenderun Gulf with 4.6 million m².

Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone is at such a location where you will be very close to the 3 continents in İskenderun Gulf on the junction point of Adana and Hatay provinces, an ideal place where you can make the best of the geographical privilege offered by Turkey.

Torosport Ceyhan Terminal is neighboring Toros Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone (TAYSEB) and become one of the two largest casting and general cargo ports, servicing at İskenderun Bay.

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport is only 80 km from Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone through the motorway and direct connection from the gates of the free zone. Erzin railway connection is currently 16 km from the free zone, through the motorway.

Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone focuses on manufacturing industrial and is geared towards operations in chemicals, petrochemicals, iron and steel, food and animal feed, shipyards, and cement factories.

The infrastructural services in the free zone such as electricity, telecommunication, water, catering, parking, security, etc. are provided by TAYSEB.

It is now at your disposal with the markets of the Middle East, Near East, Europe, and North Africa, regional transportation opportunities, mild climate, social opportunities, and closeness to cultural and tourist centers.


The Free Zone is located at the junction of Adana and Hatay provinces in the Cukurova region which was the cradle of great civilizations throughout history. Besides having fertile soils, the world’s most abundant plateaus, and rich cuisine, Cukurova is a cultural mosaic where different religions have existed peacefully for many centuries.

The Free Zone is adjacent to the “Ceyhan Energy Industry Area” which is planned as the power generation, storage, and transit center of the Eastern Mediterranean and BTC and BOTAŞ Ceyhan (Kirkuk - Yumurtalik) terminals that ensure oil flow from the Caucasus and the Middle East to international markets due to its position on the significant land and marine transportation routes that connect Eurasia and the Middle East to Europe and the West.

In addition to its strategic importance at a global scale, the Free Zone is also advantageous for the country and it offers many opportunities to its investors from large regional highway networks to mega ports where most part of Turkey’s foreign trade operations are performed, innovative and modern airports, and customs gates that provide commercial access to neighboring countries. Cukurova is an important region where all requirements of modern life are met in terms of education, art, tourism, and culture.

TAYSEB has assumed the establishment and operation contract of the Adana Yumurtalik Free Zone under the “Build, Operate, Transfer” model.


The natural and legal entities need to obtain Operating Licenses to carry out activities in the Zone.

Operating License Fields and Periods are as follows:

PRODUCTION: The Zone offers opportunities to procure the raw materials and intermediate goods that are used for production and to sell brand, package, label, and exhibit the manufactured goods.

PURCHASING - SELLING: It is possible to purchase-sell, store, label, package, and exhibit commercial goods.

STORAGE: It is possible to store the goods of users or other non-user entities or organizations.


  • 45 years for the investors that obtain Operating Licenses for Production.
  • 30 years for the investors that obtain Operating Licenses other than Production.
  • 20 years for the companies that obtain Operating Licenses for Production and that rent-ready workplaces.
  • 15 years for the companies that obtain Operating Licenses other than Production and that rent-ready workplaces.


Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone Advantages

Large Area: Total area is 4.6 million square meters; it is one of the largest free zones in Turkey.

Attractive Price: The land can be rented at attractive and lower prices in any surface area depending on the investor's request.

Industrial Base: This is an industrial operations base where important branches of the industry operate, led by chemistry, petrochemical, iron and steel, cement, shipbuilding yard, food, and animal feed.

Airport: You can easily reach Adana-Hatay Airport, only 80 km from Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone.

Railway: The Erzin Railway connection is currently 18 km from Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone.

Highway: A direct connection from the gates of Adana Yumurtalık Free Zone and the TAG (Tarsus- Adana- Gaziantep) highway is available at your disposal.

Port: Sonmez Cimento Port is located within the borders and Torosport Ceyhan is right next to the free zone. You can easily reach Container Ports in Iskenderun through the highway.

Infrastructure Services: All necessary infrastructure services such as electricity, water, telecommunication etc. are provided to the companies' plots with free of charge by TAYSEB.

Workforce: It is possible to meet the qualified personnel and workforce needs from neighboring cities such as Adana, Osmaniye, and Hatay.

Services: TAYSEB provides all required services such as catering, security, garbage collection, cleaning, weighing, and renting machinery & equipment.

Warehouse: Two warehouses each of 2,700 m2

Offices: There are 27 office buildings ready to use.



  • The revenues of Free Zone users that hold Operating Licenses for production obtained from the sale of the manufactured products are exempt from income and corporate taxes until the end of the taxation period for the year when Turkey will join the European Union.
    • The wages paid by the Free Zone users that conduct manufacturing activities to their employees are exempt from income tax, provided that they export their manufactured products by at least 85% of these products' FOB values.
    • Goods sold from Turkey to the Free Zone are subject to the export regime, while goods sold from the Free Zone to Turkey are subject to the import regime. The companies operating in the Zone can purchase goods from Turkey at export prices and they are also exempt from VAT.
    • Since the Free Zone companies are not subject to import regimes for the goods they import from abroad, they are exempt from import expenses such as Customs Duty, VAT, and Resource Utilization Support Funds.
    • The goods imported to the Free Zone can remain there without any time limitation.
    • Local and foreign companies equally benefit from the Free Zone advantages.
    • Investor users can transfer the facilities established by them to third persons under the permission of the General Directorate of Free Zone.
    • The transactions and documents prepared for the operations carried out in the free zone by the users are exempted from stamp taxes and other duties.
    • All bureaucratic formalities have been minimized during application and operation procedures.


Source: TAYSEB