Fujian Free Trade Zone

The Fujian Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is one of the first free trade zones established in China, located in the southeastern province of Fujian.


The zone covers an area of approximately 118 square kilometers and comprises three parts: the Pingtan Area, Fuzhou Area, and Xiamen Area. The FTZ was established in 2015 to promote economic development and international trade by offering tax incentives, relaxed regulations, and streamlined customs procedures to businesses operating within its borders.

It is home to a diverse range of industries, including electronics, machinery, and logistics, among others. The Fujian FTZ is strategically located on the Maritime Silk Road and serves as a gateway to Southeast Asia, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors looking to expand their businesses in China.

Started: 2015

Location and industries of interest: 3 cities in Fujian province

Fuzhou: international trade and finance

Xiamen: international trade and finance

Pingtan: international trade and finance


  • Lower corporate tax rates between 15% and 9%
  • Import tax exemption until goods are moved out of the SEZ (out of the warehouse)
  • Free currency exchange rate (no fees for converting major currencies)
  • A fast and streamlined customs clearance.
  • A hub of transportation, pick and pack and logistic service providers to choose from. All nearby.
  • Faster VAT refund

source: fdichina.com



Updated on: Tuesday, March 12th,2024