Denizli Free zone

Denizli Free Zone

Within The Past Two Decades, Denizli Has Become An Industrial Center And An Example Of The Rapidly Developing Urban Economy In Turkey. Its Economic Growth Has Been Faster Than Its Counterparts In The Aegean And Other Regions Of Turkey. Because Of This Reason, Denizli Has Become The Focus Of Attention For Policymakers As Well As Scholars In Recent Years. Many Try To Understand The "Denizli Miracle”.

Denizli Free Zone, located in the southwestern part of Turkey, is an important economic and industrial hub. Established in 1992, the free zone is strategically positioned near major transportation routes, making it an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign investors. Covering an extensive area, Denizli Free Zone offers various incentives to businesses, such as tax exemptions, duty-free trade, and simplified customs procedures. These advantages have attracted numerous companies from diverse sectors, including textiles, manufacturing, and logistics, fostering economic growth and creating job opportunities in the region. With its favorable business environment and well-developed infrastructure, Denizli Free Zone plays a crucial role in Turkey's trade and investment landscape. Denizli draws attention as a result of its rapid and successful development, largely to its own internal dynamics.


Denizli Free Zone Advantages

100% Tax Exemption: Earnings of taxpayers engaged in production activities in free zones from the sale of products manufactured in these zones are exempt from income or corporate tax.

Withholding Exemption: The wages paid to the personnel of the companies that sell at least 85% of the products produced in the free zones abroad are exempt from income tax.

VAT Exemption: Since the sales of goods and services made within the country to the Free Zone are accepted as exports, these goods and services are exempted from VAT.

Free Profit and Capital Transfer: Capital and profits can be freely transferred to any country, including Turkey, in accordance with foreign exchange legislation, without being taxed.

Customs Tax Exemption: Free zones are considered outside the customs line, and goods entering the zone are exempt from customs tax.

KKDF Exemption: The Resource Utilization Support Fund applied in imports with acceptance credits is not applied.

Cheap Energy: Since electricity, fuel, and all kinds of energy sources are tax-free, it is possible to use cheap energy and inputs.

Minimum Bureaucracy: Since all kinds of bureaucratic processes are carried out within the Free Zone, bureaucracy is minimized.

Other Benefits

Transactions within the Zone are exempted from all kinds of duties, fees, funds, bank transactions, and insurance tax.

Users are not adversely affected by inflation, as trading, stock valuation, and accounting in the Free Zone are made in convertible currencies.

Since sales from Turkey to Denizli Free Zone are considered exports, users have the opportunity to purchase raw and finished goods produced in Turkey at export prices.

They have the opportunity to freely determined commercial activity according to the market needs and conditions without time constraints on their goods in the Free Zone.

The maximum duration of the operating license can be up to 99 years. In addition, land and building title deeds are given exclusively to Denizli Free Zone. Owners of title deeds can initially obtain an operating license for up to 30 years. This enables your company to plan your future better in the medium and long term.

During the first land and workplace purchases from Denizli Free Zone, you do not pay any additional purchase-sale fees on the title deed.

The sales and rental prices in Denizli Free Zone were kept lower than those in other free zones in Turkey. In addition, the prices applied for production activities are even more attractive.

Users have the opportunity to obtain loans from banks operating in free zones at better terms than domestic banks due to the advantages and incentives these banks enjoy in the region.


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