Bizerte Economic Activity Park

Bizerte, situated in the heart of the Mediterranean and along the sea routes of the Strait of Sicily, serves as a pivotal meeting point between Africa and Europe, as well as between East and West. Covering an area of 3,750 square kilometers, the region is renowned for its industrial heritage, tourist destinations, significant commercial ports, and thriving agricultural and fishing sectors.


Advantages and Benefits of Bizerte 


  • Strategic Location: Positioned at the heart of the Mediterranean and along the sea routes of the Sicily Strait, the Park offers strategic access to Europe, Africa, the Maghreb, and the Middle East.
  • Proximity to Capital and Airport: Bizerte's proximity to the capital and Tunis-Carthage airport enhances accessibility and connectivity.
  • Administrative Support: It handles all paperwork, including construction formalities, staff recruitment support, technical assistance during and after construction, granting of production certificates, and activity follow-up, all provided free of charge.
  • Customs Offices: Presence of customs offices at Park entries facilitates customs formalities, connected to the national customs network, streamlining operations for investors.
  • Secured Environment: The Park ensures security with controlled access through badges, access cards, and circulation vignettes provided by the Development and Operation Company.
  • Quality Infrastructure: Investors benefit from high-quality land and premises with well-planned infrastructure and dedicated service areas.
  • Skilled Labor: The availability of skilled labor contributes to operational efficiency for investors.
  • Industrial Tradition: With over a century of industrial tradition, the region offers a supportive environment for business growth and development.


Investment Opportunities in Bizerte


  • Mechanical, Electronic, and Electrical Industries: Promising sectors with specific regional advantages.
  • Leather and Footwear Industries: Production includes dress shoes, safety shoes, leather goods, clothes, and tanning.
  • Food Industry: Bizerte ranks first in certain fruit and vegetables production, serving as an agricultural hub.
  • Aquaculture: Supported by a significant fishing fleet across 5 ports, the sector is vital to the local economy.
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT): Bizerte has the infrastructure and skilled workforce for ICT development.
  • Tourism, Recreation, and Water Sports: The region's natural reserves, historical sites, and planned yacht harbor development offer tourism and water-based activities opportunities.




Bizerte Governorate boasts a well-developed infrastructure supporting export activities and investment opportunities:

  1. Transportation Networks: Efficient road and railway connections link Bizerte with neighboring regions and international destinations, including a highway to Tunis-Carthage International Airport.
  2. Bizerte Economic Activities Park: This Free Zone facilitates export activities and offers investment opportunities.
  3. Maritime Facilities: The governorate features a yacht harbor and a significant commercial port, providing vital transportation and trade links.
  4. Communication Infrastructure: A robust telephone network supports communication needs, with an average of 101.6 lines per 100 inhabitants.
  5. Abundant Water Resources: Bizerte benefits from numerous large dams, hillside dams, and a substantial water table, ensuring ample water availability.
  6. Shipyard Advantage: Four dry docks on Lake Bizerte provide comparative advantages over Mediterranean shipyards, supported by skilled labor and competitive costs.
  7. Bizerte Port of Commerce: Strategically positioned, it serves as a crucial hub for accessing European and Mediterranean markets, supporting the region's socio-economic development.

Overall, Bizerte's strategic location and well-developed infrastructure make it an attractive destination for manufacturers, investors, and transport professionals seeking access to international markets.



How to set up a Company in Bizerte


To establish your company within the PAEB (Park of Economic Activities of Bizerte), follow these procedures:

1.      Submit a Declaration of Investment, which grants access to financial and tax benefits.

2.      Enter into an Occupancy Agreement, outlining the rights and obligations of the investor.

3.      Complete the following documents, facilitated by the PAEB:

·         Company statutes (with assistance available for selection)

·         Tax identification card form

·         Commercial register form

·         Customs Code form

The investor must provide:

·         Passport copy of the company's legal representative

·         Original share capital deposit certificate in a Tunisian bank account

The entire process typically concludes within 72 hours, ensuring a swift setup for your company within the PAEB.


Updated On: 02/19/2024