Aden Free Zone

Aden City Has Gained Great Attention Since The Formation Of The Republic Of Yemen On May 22, 1990. It Was Officially Designated As The Commercial And Economic Capital For The Country For Its Strategic Location. The Aden Free Zone (AFZ) Was Subsequently Formed And Has Become A Regional And International Center For Development In Yemen. It Provides Competitive And High Quality Services To Investors For Starting Up And Operating Their Projects In Aden. The AFZ Strives To Continuously Develop Its Institutional Capacities, Improve Its Processes, Procedures, And Operations. It Coordinates With The General Investment Authority (GIA) To Monitor The Regional Favorable Environment. The AFZ Is Dedicated To Meeting Its Enterprise Goals While Maintaining Its Commitment To Transparency, Environmental Awareness And Good Governance. The Trade Zone Is Not Currently Active Due To The Ongoing War In This Country.