Zarzis Economic Activities Park established in 1993, is strategically located near the Zarzis business port, spanning an area of 60 hectares, with 9 hectares designated within the old terminal area. Zarzis Park accommodates a wide range of industrial activities, facilitating tax-free transactions and services primarily aimed at exports. For investors, the park offers a dedicated "interlocutor" service, assisting with the establishment and operation procedures, including coaching and support with public services and managing operations with relevant partners. Geographic Strategic Position.



Benefits & Services of Zarzis Park

  • Strategic location: The Zarzis Economic Activities Park benefits from its strategic location with advantages including proximity to key markets in Africa, the Middle East, and the European Union. It also capitalizes on abundant agricultural resources, supported by efficient infrastructure such as an international airport and commercial port. Strong road network connections enhance regional trade accessibility, with a passenger shipping line further facilitating transportation and trade between Marseille and Zarzis.


  • Streamlined Procedures: All procedures and formalities for company constitution can be facilitated through the Zarzis Park Authority, simplifying the process for investors.


  • Assistance with Public Services: The park provides assistance with accessing public services and professional organizations, aiding in navigating regulatory requirements and administrative procedures.


  • Flexibility in Employment: Investors benefit from flexibility in employment through the availability of fixed-term employment contracts, facilitating workforce management.


  • Logistic Support: Logistic support services are available to assist with the movement and storage of goods within the park, ensuring efficient operations for businesses.


  • Legal, Technical, and Logistical Assistance: Investors receive comprehensive assistance throughout and after construction works, including legal, technical, and logistical support, ensuring smooth project execution.


  • Partnership Organization: The park facilitates the organization of partnerships between investors, fostering collaboration and synergy among businesses within the park.


  • Supervision and Business Climate Enhancement: Close supervision of park operations is maintained to stimulate the business climate and strengthen relations between investors, promoting a conducive environment for growth and collaboration.


  • Equipped Facilities: Zarzis Park offers equipped warehouses, plots of land, and customized offices to meet the diverse needs of investors, providing ready-to-use infrastructure for business operations.


  • Compliance with International Standards: The park adheres to environmental, safety, and security international standards, ensuring a safe and sustainable business environment for investors.


  • Favorable Investment Climate: Zarzis Park cultivates a favorable climate for investment, both domestically and internationally, offering attractive incentives and support mechanisms for investors.


  • International Standards Services: Investors benefit from access to international standards services, including legal, logistic, and technical assistance, enhancing operational efficiency and compliance with global best practices.



  • Mechanical, Electrical, Automotive Industries
  • New Information & Telecommunication Technologies «ICT»
  • Solar Energy
  • Shipbuilding Industry
  • Agri-food
  • Oil & Gas Logistic Activities
  • Public Buildings & Works Sector


How to Set up a Company in Zarzis Economic Activities Park

To establish your company in the Zarzis Park of Economic Activities, follow these steps:

  1. Sign a Declaration of Investment to access financial and tax benefits.
  2. Receive assistance with staff recruitment.
  3. Sign necessary documents provided by the Zarzis Park authority, including:
    • Company's statute (assistance available in selecting statutes)
    • Printed form of Tax Identification Card
    • Printed form of Commercial Register
    • Printed form of Customs Code


Model of Premises

Zarzis Business Park offers a range of premises to suit different business requirements:

  1. Offices & Coworking Space:
    • Equipped, turnkey offices and coworking spaces.
    • Individual access control system for each office.
    • Flexible areas tailored to operators' needs.
    • Parking facilities and accessibility for individuals with reduced mobility.
  2. Warehouses:
  3. International standard warehouses with essential infrastructure.
  4. Includes electricity, water, and telecommunication services.
  5. Property rights available for buildings within the park.
  6. Long-term, renewable leases for up to 20 years.
  7. Comprehensive network for power, water, and waste management.
  8. Plots starting from 1000 square meters.
  9. 24-hour security within the Free Zone for safety and protection.
  10. Industrial Land:


Tax System:

  • Fixed tax system set at 20% of gross remuneration for foreign personnel.
  • Profits from export activities taxed at an IS rate of 15%.
  • Recovery of reinvested profits.
  • VAT suspension on local purchases.
  • Total exemption from customs duties for imported raw materials, goods, and equipment.


External Trade Regime and Regulation of Changes:

  • Freedom of investment.
  • Freedom to transfer profits.
  • Freedom to repatriate invested capital.
  • Freedom to import goods needed for the activity.
  • Possibility of selling 20% of turnover on the local market for industrial or service activities.



Updated On: 02/20/2024