LADOL Free Zone

The management team at LADOL is committed to fostering a circular industrial ecosystem that supports high-value industrial activities in Nigeria's key sectors. Their mission includes aiding local and international companies in developing sustainable manufacturing techniques within Nigeria and nurturing local talent for innovation. They envision LADOL Free Zone as a blueprint for sustainable industrialization in Africa, aiming to spur economic growth and job creation across the continent. Ultimately, they foresee LADOL's success leading to the creation of one hundred thousand jobs and positioning Nigeria as West Africa's industrial hub.



Advantages of LADOL Free Zone

LADOL Free Zone provides a range of advantages to its clients, meeting the needs of deep offshore oil and gas exploration. These benefits include:

•           Exemptions from federal, state, and local government taxes.

•           Duty-free importation of cargo.

•           Onsite clearance of goods by customs.

•           Free importation of items not allowed into the Customs territory and intended for consumption within the Zone.

•           Access to Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) services.

•           Immigration services, including unlimited expatriate quota.

•           Vehicle registration services.

•           100% foreign ownership of investment.

•           100% repatriation of capital, profits, and dividends.

•           Ports Services & Cargo Handling: Efficient management and handling of cargo at the ports to ensure smooth operations.

•           Vessel Handling at Quay Wall: Safe and effective handling of vessels at the quay wall to facilitate loading and unloading activities.

•           Special Materials Handling Facilities: Specialized facilities for handling materials unique to deep oil and gas exploration, ensuring proper care and transport.

•           Construction and Finishing: Support for construction projects from inception to completion, including finishing touches, to meet industry standards and requirements.


Facilities of LADOL Free Zone

LADOL provides a wide range of facilities, including offices, accommodations, storage, sewage and water treatment, and power generation, centered around its large quay. Some key features include:

•           A 200m quay wall with a deep 8.5m draft.

•           The highest load-bearing platform in Lagos Harbor, with specialized areas supporting 25 tons/m2.

•           Reinforced concrete hard standing for fabrication, assembly, testing, and load out, with a load-bearing capacity of 10 tons/m2.

•           Ducts/piping built into the quay for direct delivery of products to vessels.

•           Modern warehouses, workshops, and laydown areas for open storage.

•           Fully furnished office buildings, a powerhouse, and sewage and water treatment plants.

•           24-hour power, lighting, and security, along with an operational canteen and hotel facilities including a swimming pool, bar, gym, and international restaurant.

•           Fiberoptic cabling and internet access throughout the free zone, with passenger jetties in Ikoyi and Apapa.

Future developments will be based on the needs of enterprises and oil/gas companies utilizing LADOL's logistic and engineering services. Featured facilities include fuel bunkering, manufacturing, shipping agency, heliport, ferry port, waste processing, and training/conference facilities.


Health, Safety & Environment Policy

LADOL is committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through structured Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policies aligned with ISO standards. Their policy ensures safe working conditions, environmental protection, and continual improvement. They aim to replicate their sustainable practices across all activities and invite stakeholders to support and contribute to their HSE objectives.

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Updated on: 02/26/2024