The Public Free Zone of Keft

The Public Free Zone of Keft, was established in 2005, spans an expansive area of 907 km. It is located near the industrial zone on the road of Keft / El-Qaser 1 km from the new Upper Egypt road on the East bank of the Nile which connects the zone with all governorates and various sea and airports across the country.


Surrounding Environment

The Public Free Zone of Keft is characterized by a unique location in the middle of the Golden Triangle (Safaga /Qena/ El-Qaser) and that puts before you, dear investor, an open repository of natural and mineral resources and wealth that enables you to set your project within the area to practice activities depending on the exploitation and manufacturing of available wealth and resources to achieve a higher rate of return on your investment compared to many of the sites not only internally on the local level but also regionally at the international level.

Moreover, the region location which mediates between the cities of Qena and Luxor (50 km), two cities with high population intensity has qualified laborers, scientifically and technically, as well as several technical institutes, training centers and vocational rehabilitation centers so you can pick the best talents to employ them in running your project or at least to make use of their services to assist you to practice the activities required to your project.

Also, the region site is near Luxor International Airport (45 km) which allows traveling easily between your country and your project located in the zone. Moreover, the services of shipping and air transport are available, thus you will be able to export your project products by air.

Also, the zone is away from the port of Safaga by 180 km. This port is deemed as the Upper Egypt Gate on the Red Sea coast and is one of the strategic ports on the way of international navigation. It will enable you to export your project products by sea to various countries around the world via marine shipping liners, locally and internationally, that serve the port.



The Public Free Zone of Keft is equipped with an integrated network of facilities and infrastructure services (The communication networks/electric energy/water and sanitation/lighting/ internal roads etc …) which the General Authority for Investment takes necessary measures to raise their capacity by developing the road network, interior lighting and fencing the zone location by an external wall on which the guard towers to guard and security.


Additional Services

The Public Free Zone of Keft has an integrated customs unit that provides various customs clearance services to your project as soon as possible in addition to a fire extinguishing unit that is equipped to fight fires and to assure occupational safety and industrial security for your project in coordination with the zone administration.

The established Public Free Zone of Keft has a strong network of logistics and banking services providers working through a number of shipping companies and maritime navigation at Safaga port to export your products, in addition to a number of branches of national and foreign banks; exchange, insurance and reinsurance companies in Qena and Luxor to provide services needed by the project to carry out its activities.


Administrative Body

There is an administrative body that works on the management of the public free zone of Keft. It consists of General Authority for Investment staff of high degree of qualification, competence

and experience. It works according to total quality management (TQM) standards for getting the certification of ISO9001 of 2008 and that helps your business to engage in activities 24 hours a day, in addition to its ability to overcome the problems that you may encounter in your project by the coordination with various government agencies which it communicates with them permanently and continuously.


Why The Public Free Zone of Keft?

Total Area 912 thousand m2

Vacant Area 444 thousand m2

Average Area/Project 5000 m2

Average Capital/Project $ 10 million

Average Annual Exports /Project $ 4 million

Average Job Opportunities/Project 175 jobs

Nearest Ports for Export/Supply Luxor International Airport (45 Km)

Maritime Safaga Port (180 KM)

Most Important Countries

 We Export to Arab states, Asian countries, EU and The Two Americas

Updated On: December 13th, 2023