Avrupa (Europe) free zone

Avrupa (Europe) free zone



The youngest fleet at EURO standards

Widespread Warehouse Area

Over 100 logistical centers across the world

Technology and Innovation




Warehouse and distribution:

Extensive self-owned warehouses and solutions for different product ranges. Optimum service to the needs of customers from all sectors, with bonded warehouse areas in all-important customs of Turkey and bonded areas in all overseas location. IT infrastructure, which can be integrated with world-wide ERP programs for warehouse management programs, opportunity to monitor all processes, as well as to monitor jointly created performance criteria in real time. Stock management reliably with technology support and experienced staff. During the warehouse entry, we record and control the stock of the materials labeled with barcoding and place them at the shelf addresses determined by the Barsis software.the materials and products are delivered to the address depending on the production and distribution plans of the customers. In addition to logistics centers, stock management services within our customers' facilities with team and equipment's are provided. Customers' production lines and distribution channels with a 24/7 uninterrupted service approach and 'just in time' approach are fully supported


Bonded & duty-free storage:

All-owned, industry-specific warehousing services

Cross-dock operations

High quality value added services

Annual order picking capacity of 100,000,000 pieces

Customized Storage Solutions


Storage of products in suitable conditions according to their characteristics

Electronic tracking of all stock management services from the first entry to the warehouse to the shipment

Stock validation with weekly-monthly counts

Operation with KPI and Scorecards

Automated solutions customized to customer needs

In-house enhanced warehouse management system

High service quality

Pick to Light, Pick by Voice, RF Guided Picking

Online trace and tracking system

Just-In-Time shipments

Stock management service of BGL personnel at customers' factories and/or assembly facilities

Preparation and shipment of orders on a unit basis, parcel basis and pallet basis

Zero stock loss with System Management

Spare parts stock management and shipping

Procedures, reports, blocking operations for damaged-lost materials

Empty case/pallet management sent by customers and suppliers

Integration with interface between Barsis Stock Management Software and customer software, providing simultaneous information flow

Special rack systems, assembly benches design and PDI service according to customer needs



Assembly, Kit and Packaging Services


Product assembly



Pre-sales services



Repacking & returns processes

Other services


Quality assurance management

* SOP procedures

* Block management

* Operation- Occupational Safety, Quality trainings

* Standards related to storage conditions

* Cleanliness-order pest control tracking systems

* Quality reports

* Occupational safety reports

Consolidation & transit trade settlement


At the beginning of the most difficult logistics operations of the companies, the operations carried out for the return of the products they offer for sale for various reasons. With our expert staff and software system, we provide the management of return operations in Turkey and all geographies of the world in line with the demands of the companies.



End of season & in-season returns accepted

Counting, labeling, bagging, damage control

Category separation & management

Inventory management


Customs services:

With our strong technological infrastructure and expert staff, we are the only logistics company that can provide customs clearance services in all customs of Turkey and abroad. With our 37 customs offices located in all customs where there is a transaction volume under 12 regional directorates in Turkey; We provide services abroad with our 39 years of experience in 39 different countries, especially in America and Europe.

We employ the most experienced expert customs consultants and assistant customs consultants in the industry. We provide special customs consultancy services to all our companies with the customs consultants in our regions and offices and the legislation department in our center.

The EDI system integrated with customs systems, the timesavings provided by the use of the BGL payment system in tax payments, the preparation of the declarations with the BGL software and legal consultancy services are the leading reason why avrupa free zone is the fastest and most reliable in customs consultancy.


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