Ismailia Public Free Zone

About Ismailia Public Free Zone

The Public Free Zone was established in Ismailia by a decree from the President of the Ministers Council No. 904 of 1995 on an area of 677 acres of which a first stage of 100 acres has been equipped by facilities, equipment and is currently occupied by the investment projects, the second stage of 128 acres is currently being equipped by facilities, equipment and the reception of investors is being conducted to establish their investment projects to occupy it.

Site Benefits

The Public Free Zone in Ismailia  is characterized by a unique location where it mediates the distance between the two gates of Suez Canal on the way to international trade and navigation at a distance of 85 km from Port Said the northern gate of the Suez Canal overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, to service the export of the products of your project to the European Union and the American countries which locates at a distance of 85 km from the port of Suez  the southern gateway to the Suez Canal  overlooking the Red  Sea, to serve exporting the  products of your project to the Persian Gulf, Southeast Asia and East and South Africa, it is also about 125 km from the port of Damietta which is one of the largest container ports in the territory of the Mediterranean countries as well as it is about 120 km from Cairo Airport which is one of the largest pivotal airports in the Middle East.


Surrounding Environment

The Public Free Zone in Ismailia is located on the outskirts of the city of Ismailia a densely populated communities which is providing qualified manpower scientifically and technically by colleges and institutes of the University of the Suez Canal, to meet the needs of your project for human cadres in various specialties, in addition to accommodation, recreation, housing, hotel and tourism services as well as the site area is near the site of the Valley of technology on the east coast of the Suez Canal in front of the city of Ismailia which is rich in its natural resources and large capabilities, As well as it is near of the two industrial zones in both of Ismailia and East Qantara overlooking the high way leading to it, to meet the exporting needs of your project of goods and services, In addition to its adjacent location of Alfardan Railway  bridge  and  the upper bridge of Alsalam  passing  through  the  Suez  Canal  linking  the continents  of  Africa  and  Asia  through  the  international  Coastal  Road  for  exporting products of your project overland to neighboring countries and North Africa.



The Public Free Zone in Ismailia is equipped with an integrated network of facilities and infrastructure services that operate efficiently like water, sewage, industrial drainage, communications and a station to provide electricity (medium voltage) as well as a network of roads and internal lighting, the site is fully surrounded by an external fence.

The projects established in the public free zone of Ismailia have strong network of logistics and banking services providers through a number of maritime companies, in addition to the branches of national and foreign banks and a large network of banking, insurance and reinsurance companies within the bride of the Canal to provide services needed by your project to conduct its activities.


Investment Services

The Public Free Zone in Ismailia includes a branch of the investment services complex in the same administrative building of the region with a working administrative apparatus staff from the General Authority of Investment to assist you in completing the establishment procedures for your project and issuing work and residence permits for the employees in it, in coordination with the relevant governmental bodies.



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