The Port Free Zone at Umm Alhoul

Um Alhoul Free Zone covers 32km and is situated near Hamad Port, the world’s largest greenfield port, providing an optimal location for industries which benefit from access to sea freight and shipping routes.

Property Solutions

1.8 sq km of serviced land plots

  • Flexible fully serviced plots come in different sizes to suit specific industry needs. Companies can either build their own, hire QFZA to build it to exact specifications, or elect to use pre-built facilities.
  • Each plot developer is required to comply with a 1 – star minimum GSAS rating.
  • 14 light industrial units under construction, ready Q2 2020.


Key Areas of Focus

  • Downstream Petrochemical
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Maritime Industries & Services
  • Heavy Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Industrial Activities


Smart Technologies

Qatar Free Zones are designed to be smart, sustainable, green and investor-oriented. These Include:

  • Water and heat-reduction tactics including integrated pumping systems and strategic street alignment.
  • Many green spaces, featuring a green irrigation control system, a beach front promenade and eco trail.
  • Front-facing parking areas screened by evergreens, to protect and promote clean air.
  • A wide range of solutions deployed to minimize the need for private transport, including shuttle buses and widespread pedestrian and cycle networks.



MARSA (Arabic for “anchor”) is a new marine cluster in Qatar’s Umm Alhoul free zone, strategically located adjacent to Hamad Port, the world’s largest greenfield seaport, and only 20 minutes from Doha city center. MARSA, which has an 8.5-meter-deep draught with 2 kilometers of quay wall, will serve as a base for companies from around the world to conduct activities as diverse as ocean vessel building and repair, internal design and it-out, ship provisions supply, safety training, boat brokerage and maritime research.

The cluster is designed to be a fully integrated maritime ecosystem, with a range of amenities to support normal marine activities, including:

  • Maritime and logistics training
  • Retail and leisure destinations
  • Recreational yachting and water sports facilities
  • Naval and coast guard support



Updated on: Thursday , January 4th , 2023