Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone (KPIZ)

About Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone

The Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone or KPIZ is among the largest greenfield ports and industrial zones in the world. Developed by the Abu Dhabi Ports, KPIZ was developed to accommodate all types of industries. Additionally, in order to facilitate the investor’s access, the Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone also provides space for commercial and residential purposes. The initial KPIZ project included the relocation of Port Zayed from Abu Dhabi to Al Taweelah. The project also established Khalifa Port would be located on an artificial island.

Khalifa Port

The Khalifa Port is strategically located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in Taweelah, and started operating in 2012. The Khalifa Port is the first semi-automated port in the Emirates and covers a 2.7 square kilometers area. Among the advantages foreign investors will benefit from in the Khalifa Port are top-notch integrated information and communication technologies and automated maritime services. The Khalifa Port provides access to around 4.5 billion people within four time zones and it currently connects over 52 international maritime ports. There are over 20 shipping lines operating in the Khalifa Port at this moment.


The Khalifa Industrial Zone

The main advantage of the KPIZ is the infrastructure provided to all types of suppliers. KPIZ is among the few industrial zones in the Middle-East providing multimodal connectivity to suppliers. Companies operating within KPIZ have access to roads, ports, railways and air transport networks. The access to ports is realized through the Khalifa Port. Air Transport Kizad provides access to the Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai.

Companies operating within the Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone will also benefit from low utilities costs, as Abu Dhabi provides gas, water and electrical power at very low rates. Additionally, the KPIZ authorities may provide customized infrastructure and logistics solutions for companies.

Another major advantage is that companies and individuals operating in KPIZ are not subject to the income tax.