Dubai World Trade Centre

The epicentre for business in the Middle East, Dubai World Trade Centre has played a pivotal role in the growth of Dubai’s business tourism and trade since our inauguration in 1979. dubai world trade center connects people, products and ideas from around the globe through year-round calendar of international trade fairs, blockbuster consumer shows and prestigious international conferences, which are complemented by innovative free zone and award-winning real estate developments. As the region’s largest purpose-built complex for events and exhibitions, dubai world trade center provids a platform for unparalleled business and networking opportunities. Each year through various events dubai world trade center creates tens of thousands of jobs for a variety of industries and sectors that benefit from revenue this region helps attract. by Supporting  staff to reach their full potential, this region continue to be driven by their ongoing role  to help shape Dubai’s future and by challenging themselves to create even better experiences for all clients, exhibitors and visitors.

Located in the heart of Dubai’s business district and close to the major event centre that hosts key exhibitions, events and conferences, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) companies have access to regional and international markets from a competitive and well-organized community. DWTC offers a highly competitive environment for start-ups and international businesses in terms of innovation and productivity. It houses several high-end offices and allows the establishment of event management companies, as well as professional, commercial and general trade businesses.



Key benefits of licensing:

100% foreign ownership

100% repatriation of all capital and profits

Zero income and corporate tax for 50 years (renewable)

No restriction on currency and repatriation of funds

No restriction on hiring foreign employees

No restraints over capital nationality

Freedom to initiate multiple options for legal operating structures Stable and clear regulation

Dual licensing opportunities

Types of companies formed under DWTC Authority:

The Free Zone offers a highly competitive, single-point of contact operation for corporations, affording them a unique and flexible offering to operate seamlessly, including as an onshore registered business, under an independent free-zone license or as a dual licensed entity from within the same zone. attractive packages for startups and SMEs allow entrepreneurs to convert their business ideas into reality.

Free Zone Company (FZCO)

All types of businesses requiring only a commercial office for operation can be established as a FZCO.


Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

All types of businesses requiring only a commercial office for operation can be established as a FZE.


Foreign Branch

The branch must be 100% owned by the Parent company.

Certain required documents must be attested

All types of businesses requiring only a commercial office for operation can be established as a Foreign Branch.


UAE Branch

A valid registration from a UAE license authority is required to open a branch.

All types of businesses requiring only a commercial office for operation can be established as a UAE Branch.


License Options:

Once you have formed your company, you will be eligible to apply for a free zone license. Our personalised approach to licensing and related procedures, coupled with a superior location and unmatched operational standards, makes setting up with us seamless, straightforward and flexible.


Commercial License:

For carrying out specified commercial activities


General Trading License:

For carrying out unrestricted commercial activities


Professional License:

For carrying out specified professional services


Event Management License:

For the organising of business and leisure events



For platforms trading goods and services online in the UAE


Single Family Office:

Offices founded by family members to manage and service the wealth of a single family


Multi Family Office:

Offices founded by consultants for the provision of wealth management services to multiple families

source: Dubai World Trade Centre

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