İstanbul Ataturk Airport

Discover İSBİ İstanbul Specialized Free Zone 

This region, which was established on an open area of ​​180,152 m2 and was designated as "Istanbul Specialized Free Zone" for the development and clustering of Advanced Technology, Informatics, Software and other foreign currency earning activities with the Presidential decree has been announced on 8 June 2020 . 

All infrastructure and superstructure of the region since 1996 İSBİ A.Ş. It has been developed in a way that does not lag behind user expectations and demands with its investments and is still being operated by ISBI A.Ş (Istanbul AHL Serbest Bölge Kurucu ve İşleticisi A.Ş). 

As of today, Istanbul Specialized Free Zone with its new advantages and supports,

• Creating an ecosystem with its investors in different sectors,

• (Private – Public) University-Industry Cooperation model, which plays a role in raising a qualified workforce by providing vocational and technical training in the Main Sectors (On the Job Training),

• All kinds of consultancy and mentoring services are provided with the service structure (İSBİCUBE) where fast and timely workflow is carried out in bureaucratic processes,

• Foreign business development centers that carry out international cooperation,

• (With Angel investor and Network model, the capital created joint production projects with the entrepreneurs in the region, 

• It is an important incentive model in which medium - advanced technology, value-added production and export activities are carried out, having a structure that can meet all kinds of expectations of the employees with its infrastructure - superstructure and social opportunities.



Besides the customized office and warehouse areas, services, tax incentives and state-of-the-art infrastructure it offers, Istanbul Specialized Free Zone is also an ideal place to start your business thanks to the specific location it has within Istanbul.

Unique Location in The Heart Of Istanbul

  • Located in Istanbul, the financial, commercial and cultural center of Turkey
  • Next to Ataturk International Airport, which is the second busiest and most important airport in the Middle East
  • Daily access with only 3-hour flight from most of the world’s capitals
  • 12 km. away from Ambarli Port, the greatest port in Turkey
  • 22 km. away from Port of Haydarpasa, the biggest container port in the Marmara region
  • 10 km. away from Halkali Railroad Station, the departure terminal for all freight trains to Europe and a significant container terminal.


  • Income or Corporate Tax Exemption
  • Income Tax Exemption for Personnel (Includes all personnel working in the free zone)
  • VAT and Stamp Duty Exemption
  • Customs Duty Exemption
  • 20 Years Operating License Period


Additional supports;

Foreign exchange earning service sectors and other R&D-intensive, high-tech or high value-added sectors are supported for 5 years;

a) The monthly gross wages of a maximum of 10 (ten) qualified personnel employed for their activities in this field, at the rate of 50%, and a maximum of 15,000 USD per employee per year,

b) Rental expenses for the workplaces they rent in these areas are supported at the rate of 50% and a maximum of 75,000 USD per year.


Types of Activities and licenses

  • Production, purchasing-selling, warehousing, assembling-disassembling, repair and
  • maintenance, banking and insurance activities can be performed in Istanbul Ataturk
  • Airport Free Zone.
  • Companies in ISBI are free to perform the following activities as well: packing,
  • repacking, marking, labelling, exhibition of the goods.
  • Production License (valid for 20 years) - (For Software Companies)
  • Purchasing-Selling License (valid for 15 years)
  • Assembling –
  • Disassembling License (valid for 15 years)
  • Other Licenses (valid for 15 years)