UAE attracts international investors

 UAE aims to attract international investors, boost commerce and tourism


The most recent work system will bring the financial sector closer to global stock exchanges, banks, and financial institutions, advancing business and international commerce.

According to analysts, the UAE's new labor system intends to attract foreign investments, boost its business and tourism attractiveness, and link its financial sector with worldwide markets, all of which will give more significant returns than the current system.

"The UAE will attract investments which will add to the robustness of the banking and financial sectors, both of which have already seen stellar growth in the past few years. In conjunction with the recent reforms in legislation affecting personal laws, this signals the UAE's intent to make itself an attractive destination from an investor perspective and for expatriates to consider as a migration destination. This influx of workforce and finances could lay the required foundations for the long-term success of the UAE," Abraham told Khaleej Times.