Damietta Governorate is located in North Delta on the east bank of the Nile. The economic activity in this Governorate is one of the best economic patterns as it is characterized by diversity and based on the human element. The economic activity in Damietta depends on small production units, mostly owned and managed by the private sector. In addition, Damietta has a fishing fleet constituting a large proportion of the total fishing fleets across Egypt, not to mention its huge shipyard. Economic changes have taken place in Damietta Governorate since the inauguration of Damietta Port in 1986, which is an alternative port to Alexandria Port that reduced the shipping costs and ships waiting charges, and the development of container transport. This port also achieved a major breakthrough as a transit port containing the largest container space in the Egyptian ports. Damietta Public Free Zone was established in Damietta by a Cabinet Resolution No. 60 of 1993 and started in receiving investor, for the establishment of their projects, since 1998 on an area of 190 acres (798 thousand m2) adjacent to Damietta Port overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from the north-eastern side in front of the ship's canal that connect it to the Nile River through Damietta Branch. Read more

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