Imam Khomieni Airport Freezone



About Imam Khomeini Airport City Free Trade Zone

Establishment of Imam Khomeini Airport City (IKAC) in an area of 1500ha under article 166 of Fifth National Program of Development and by virtue of large-scale national policy of becoming cargo hub and second passenger hub in the Middle East with special focus on hosting businesses, production and industrial activities and proper environment for investments has been put on the top agenda of Ministry of Roads and Urban Planning as a grand national project.


Necessities for enactment of article166:

  • Necessity to support the population of 25 million living surrounding the airport city and neighboring provinces based upon free zone model
  • To foster the objective to become a logistic and passenger hub in the Middle East
  • Creation of economic and transportation potentials needed to set up a free zone at entrance gate of Iran and in the vicinity of an international airport.
  • Desire of great many transportation companies to take advantage of a free zone, investment in airport city free zone and establishment of dry port.
  • High potential for investment of great local and international companies because of its closeness to capital city and access to IKAC surrounding areas.
  • Expansion of the aviation-related businesses across the world and necessity to redefine these businesses based upon airport city free zone model.
  • Concentration of supply chain
  • Possibility to define businesses based upon free zone model such as banking, insurance and new industries.



  • Tax exemptions
  • Special visa regulations
  • Invetment, labor, money and banking special regulations
  • Creation of value added
  • Customs dues exemption within customs area


Business Focus

  • Administrative site comprises of offices, bank, insurance, capital market, media city, e-city (data center)
  • conference center and hotel
  • Support services, supply and production chain (smart warehouses and customs procedures), multifarious transportation system (aerial, rail and road)
  • research and development centers and IT
  • Trade centers inducing carpet city, jewelry and precious stones center, cosmetics centers
  • international exhibitions center
  • innovative industries center, media etc.