Jolfa has always been a strategic region. The importance of the region dates back to before Christ and it has been famous for its culture and civil life.In the period of Soloman 'Ashabol Aras' have appeared from this district and thus have caused the creation of 12 cities on the banks of the river. These 12 cities were named after the 12 months of the solar calendar: Aban, Azar, Dey, Bahman, Esfand, Farvardin, Ordibehesht, Khordad, Tir, Mordad, Shahrivar and Mehr. The capital was the Esfandar city. The citizens of these cities worshipped spruce trees. They didn't use the creek under the spruce tree because they believed it to be sacred and were afraid that by using the water, the creek would go dry. They got the water they needed for their own use from the river Aras. Read more

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